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You can be hurt, you can be angry, you can even shatter and break if you need to. However, you may NOT be REDUCED or TRANSFORMED into someone you are not as a result of poor treatment.

Remember who and what you are. Remember your size.

Ultimately, the way someone treats you says more about who THEY are than your WORTH anyway.

Growth does not always occur in a linear fashion. It can also be cyclical.

When you find yourself experiencing the same things over and over again, do not think you are being punished because you refuse to learn. Don’t assume you are doing something wrong.

Instead, think of these repeating patterns as an opportunity to learn an even DEEPER truth this time around. Be open to all that life has to teach you, even in instances when you think you have heard and learned it all before.


Show up and engage FULLY or don’t show up at all.  The point at which you need to disengage let’s you know it is time for a change or that you may need to remove yourself all together. It’s let’s you know you that if you continue, you are only SETTLING.

Take residency in your ENTIRE life. You can not effect change and progress without facing the truth of your dissatisfaction.

We, as human beings, do not grow evenly or all at once.

Do not confuse your stalling in ONE area with overall complacency.

Release judgement. Everything in due time.

Just because things are not moving, do not assume nothing is happening.

A rabbit experiences only 31 days of pregnancy. The gestation period of an elephant is almost two years.

Giving birth to BIG ideas,
Creating a BIGGER life,
All take time!

Continue to commit yourself to the work and know that though you may not be able to see it, you are making progress.

David, note to self:

Let go of the assumption that you are not good enough and ASK for the things that truly move and excite you. Let your interest and your availability be known.

Do not scale back or compress your truth out of insecurity. DELIVERANCE only comes to those who believe in their own WORTHINESS.

Be open.

Be open to discovering new information. Be open to the path changing. Be open to things that don’t look like what you thought or said you wanted in the past.

There is a comfort in lying to yourself, ignoring the ache of dissatisfaction and pretending that you have it all figured out. However, there is a story with a life of it’s own, waiting to be told if you face the truth and courageously open up to it.

David, let go and let your best life unfold.

SCARCITY THINKING is not a compass. Stop “traveling” according to it.

Just because there is game in the woods does not mean it will feed and clothe you. Just because there is wood in the forest does not mean a fire will burn.

You can’t continue to grab at everything (or everyone for that matter) in hopes it will sooth & sustain you.

Most people do not love as deeply as you do.

It doesn’t make you stupid, it doesn’t make you weak, it makes you RARE. Resist the urge to change and don’t numb. Instead, put your energy into finding your people. People who love like you.

Also, remember; this heart of yours which always seems to have you in ruin, is the same heart that has SAVED YOUR LIFE on multiple occassions.


Suffering is not a prerequisite for change.

You can say “no” and you can leave, not because a situation is killing you, but simply because you are unmoved, uninspired and you know that you are WORTHY of joy and excitement.

Resist the urge to settle.