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"My mind’s up in smoke
Deep burns of distress
This smile breaks my face
Masking cries of loneliness”

"I unclench my hands a finger at a time
Dust off my palms with presence of mind
A radical move though the gesture is slow
I release our past and I let you go

Backing away, although it hurts me
Making peace with the way things have turned out to be
A radical move though the gesture is slow
Grab ahold of myself and l let you go”

"Your arms still feel familiar but my skin jumps in their hold
Sweat from your body covers me, my boundaries erode

After saying love had left you, your affections you curtailed
Tried everything let you go and still my hope prevails

Now your eyes are filled with passion burning holes right in to me
Once again I’m soft and open wanting you to enter me

Like a dream within a nightmare though it’s best that I come to
I am dazed and I have yet to learn how to be closed with you

Is this what unlove feels like?”


"As he snatched his heart away from me I grabbed my eyes and wept

That he no longer loved me was the secret he had kept

Searched my mouth for words to make him stay but he’d already left”


You can be hurt, you can be angry, you can even shatter and break if you need to. However, you may NOT be REDUCED or TRANSFORMED into someone you are not as a result of poor treatment.

Remember who and what you are. Remember your size.

Ultimately, the way someone treats you says more about who THEY are than your WORTH anyway.

Growth does not always occur in a linear fashion. It can also be cyclical.

When you find yourself experiencing the same things over and over again, do not think you are being punished because you refuse to learn. Don’t assume you are doing something wrong.

Instead, think of these repeating patterns as an opportunity to learn an even DEEPER truth this time around. Be open to all that life has to teach you, even in instances when you think you have heard and learned it all before.


Show up and engage FULLY or don’t show up at all.  The point at which you need to disengage let’s you know it is time for a change or that you may need to remove yourself all together. It’s let’s you know you that if you continue, you are only SETTLING.

Take residency in your ENTIRE life. You can not effect change and progress without facing the truth of your dissatisfaction.

We, as human beings, do not grow evenly or all at once.

Do not confuse your stalling in ONE area with overall complacency.

Release judgement. Everything in due time.

Just because things are not moving, do not assume nothing is happening.

A rabbit experiences only 31 days of pregnancy. The gestation period of an elephant is almost two years.

Giving birth to BIG ideas,
Creating a BIGGER life,
All take time!

Continue to commit yourself to the work and know that though you may not be able to see it, you are making progress.