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I love book stores.

Every time I’m overwhelmed by a heavy emotion, it’s the first place I go to if it’s an option. I usually pray (literally) before hand, that out of the thousands of books, something comes into to contact with me that will offer some perspective and make sense of whatever is going on in my heart.

There’s a nice book store downtown I like. It’s no Union Square Barnes & Nobles but it’s cute. I’ve been a few times, and of course all the books are in Portuguese, but I like to pick out books I’ve read or seen before and try to read through them and see what I understand.

They’ve never had Paulo Coelho books before, but today they had two; one was my favorite PC book “Eleven Minutes” and the other was another book of his I had been meaning to read “Warrior of Light”.

So I look them both, and read through passages of “Eleven Minutes” and then quieted my insides, remembered my prayer and opened “Warrior of Light” and looked at the first page that popped up in from of me.

It was a passage titled, “No Time Certo”, which loosely means “On Real (or True) Time”. I didn”t understand every single word but I knew it was on patience.

"Um guerreiro da luz nunca tem pressa"/ "A Warrior of Light never rushes", "dominar a impaciência"/ "control impatience", "Andando devagar"/ "Walk slowly", "uma revolução precisa de tempo para se installar"/ "a revolution needs time to take effect" (or literally "install itself").

The book store never fails me.